[Spiderman] - 2010
That's all I have to give.
Whatever life holds in store for me.
I will never forget these words,
"With great power
comes great responsibility. "
This is my gift.
My curse.
Who am I?
I'm Spiderman.

p/s: obsess giler kot aku ngan spiderman ni..

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Hafiz Yusof said...

mesti ko ni cerita spiderman tak tinggal

hanie said...

ko jgn jd spiderman g skodeng anak dara org..sudahhh..


wa23r said...

embun d tengah malam:haha..mmg xtnggl lah..ingt kalau ada spiderman 4 ni aku nk jd peter parker la...

hanie: ish2..br nk buat dh kn sound..ahaha

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