Tahniah Harimau Malaya!!!

Jakarta: Goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat saved an early penalty and Safee Sali netted his fifth goal of the tournament as Malaysia claimed the AFF Suzuki Cup title for the first time despite losing 2-1 to Indonesia in the second leg of final at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium on Wednesday.

Trailing 3-0 from the first leg, Indonesia squandered an opportunity to cut the deficit when Firman Utina's weak spot kick in the 15th minute was stopped by Khairul. And the home team's hopes of rescuing the match were effectively snuffed out when Safee scored on the break nine minutes into the second half.

Mohammad Nasuha pulled back a goal with 18 minutes remaining and Muhammad Nasuha scored with a deflected effort two minutes from time to give the home side the win on the night although Malaysia still prevailed 4-2 on aggregate.

The Malaysians had lost their opening match of the tournament 5-1 to the Indonesians but they claimed the AFF Suzuki Cup by allowing only three goals in their last five games. Meanwhile, the Indonesians were left to rue yet another disappointing end to an AFF Suzuki Cup campaign as they lost in the final for a fourth tim

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Dan lebih manis lagi, bukan kita rakyat Malaysia saja yang mengikuti dan meraikan kejayaan ni, player Manchester united, Rio Ferdinand pun ucap tahniah kat Malaysia kat tweeter dia..

Dan lebih2 la bertambah manis bila aku sokong Skuad Harimau Malaya Kita kat Putrajaya! Hehehehe. Harap pasni kepada menyokong pasukan bola sepak kita terus la sokong walaupun kadang2 kita ada kalah..biasa la adat permainan..ni jangan sokong time menang je.. kalau kalah kutuk2..kalau bukan kita sapa lg nk sokong kn? xkn mat2 indon nk sokong plk.. haha..


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