Best Cosplay Ever (This Week) - 06.09.11

Anya (Gears of War), photographed by LJinto

Wonder Woman, cosplayed by DJSpider

Cyclops, cosplayed by Mike

Angewomon, cosplayed by PatyCosplay

Scott Pilgrim group, photographed by Paul Hillier

Pixie, cosplayed by EmilyScissorhands

Bulma, cosplayed by dollfille, photographed by mamuro5254

Scorpion, photographed by Michael Kwan

Supergirl, cosplayed by Jennifer Wilson, photographed by Tim Wu

Invisible Woman (Future Foundation suit), photographed by Rich Herrera

Samus Aran & Chozo Statue, cosplayed by ChozoBoy

Rule 63 Wolverine, photographed by Andreas Schneider

Cheetara, photographed by Howie Mizuka

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