Best Cosplay Ever (This Week) - 19.09.11

Voldemort and Death Eaters, photographed by The Wendy Bird

Emma Frost, cosplayed by Lola Gonzalez, photographed by Jonathan Duran

Evil-Lyn, photographed by IronHide

Batwoman/Kathy Kane, photographed by 'ell joy

Supergirl, photographed by Paul Hillier

Samus Aran, photographed by David Ngo

Robin [source]

Delirium, photographed by LJinto

Batgirl, cosplayed by elfqueenvik, photographed by Insane-Pencil

Suckerpunch cosplay, photographed by Judy Stephens

Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, cosplayed by GeneJoke

Fujimoto, cosplayed by 27club

Batman, Red Hood, Batgirl, Robin/Damian Wayne, & Robin/Tim Drake, cosplayed by kaoruyagi, Frotto-chan, Aigue-Marine, fresh-bottled, & xMenoux

Minecraft cosplay, photographed by Stephen Eide

Source: comicsalliance

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